The EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces the standard oil drain plug, making oil changes easier, saving valuable time and expenses.

The oil drain valve is available in an array of sizes for all Car, Van, Truck, Bus, Agricultural, Plant and Marine applications. In fact their scope is only limited by your own imagination..!

Operating the EZ Oil Drain Valve is child’s play meaning that you can change your oil in seconds and with a touch of a finger.

Fitted in less than 60 seconds and with no need for special tools, the EZ Oil Drain® Valve eradicates stripped threads and eliminates any contact with hot oil.

Oil Sampling for proactive preventative maintenance needs becomes a doddle..!

The simple operation lever can be turned with a touch of a finger before returning to its original locked position.

All EZ Oil Drain® Valves are rated and tested up to 250 PSI and even come with a lifetime warranty.

At well under £30, these innovative little valves are a great investment and won’t break the bank.

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*The non transferable lifetime warranty is subject to the sole and exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty being replacement of any purchased products and subject to a requirement that the Customer accepts responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect fitting and any valve that is damaged or causes damage as a result of a reduction in ground clearance.